• Mad Catz Product Spotlight: F.R.E.Q 7 T.E 7.1 0

    Mad Catz Product Spotlight:…

    Mad Catz’ F.R.E.Q.TE 7.1 continues to uphold the same exacting standards as our award-winning R.A.T. high-performance gaming mice. Lightweight components are fully adjustable for a custom fit, yet strong…

    Tue 2nd Feb 2016 - 9:57amRead More
  • 2K Games X-COM 2 Community Event 2

    2K Games X-COM 2 Community…

    Commanders we lost the battle but the war is far from over, 20 years has past since the events of X-COM and once again earth needs you help. Along with our friends at 2K we need you to play for one more turn and take…

    Wed 20th Jan 2016 - 4:49pmRead More
  • Mad Catz Product Spotlight: R.A.T PRO X 2

    Mad Catz Product Spotlight:…

    R.A.T.PRO X heralds a new generation in high-performance adjustable gaming mice. Easily switchable components mean R.A.T.PRO X might just be the last gaming mouse you'll ever need.

    Tue 19th Jan 2016 - 2:48pmRead More
  • Christmas ain't over! 1

    Christmas ain't over!

    Our friends at Mad Catz have decided that the time for giving presents is not quite over, they are giving one lucky person the chance to win one of their awesome R.A.T PRO S mice.

    Mon 11th Jan 2016 - 3:14pmRead More
  • Star Wars Night 9

    Star Wars Night

    Along time ago in a galaxy not so far away… *que epic music*… oh wait you are reading this. Welcome to our Star Wars Celebration night.  

    Fri 13th Nov 2015 - 1:02pmRead More
  • Fallout Celebration Manchester 5

    Fallout Celebration Manchester

    With Fallout 4 now on the horizon and the success of our community event at Xtreme Gaming in September we wanted to bring all the Fallout love to those fans a litter further North than us!

    Wed 14th Oct 2015 - 5:37pmRead More