• Xtreme Gaming Relaunch 0

    Xtreme Gaming Relaunch

    If you have been passing by our doors these last few weeks you may have wondered just what has been going on! Well to celebrate not only 7 years of being open but also our announcement of our official partnership with…

    Tue 8th Sep 2015 - 3:01pmRead More
  • Fallout Celebration 0

    Fallout Celebration

    Fallout fans we are excited to announce a unique community day here at Xtreme Gaming dedicated to the Fallout.

    Tue 1st Sep 2015 - 5:42pmRead More
  • Annoucement 1


    COLCHESTER UK 20TH AUGUST 2015 — Xtreme Gaming the world’s first console LAN centre is proud to announce a new step in its relationship with Mad Catz,…

    Mon 24th Aug 2015 - 10:12amRead More
  • 2015 Events 0

    2015 Events

    Within our sacred sanctuary that is Xtreme Gaming, we have been planning away to make sure we bring you the best all night events possible on a monthly basis. With that we realise we can sometimes SPRING an event on you…

    Thu 16th Jul 2015 - 11:24amRead More
  • Gears of War Ultimate Event 0

    Gears of War Ultimate…

    Back in 2009 Xtreme Gaming hosted its first 4v4 Gears of War event… with teams attending from all over Europe. Now six years later to celebrate the launch of Gears of War Ultimate Edition, XA and XG will be doing…

    Tue 14th Jul 2015 - 2:02pmRead More
  • XG E3 Viewing Nights 0

    XG E3 Viewing Nights

    So let’s face it unless you got a lot of money or you are part of the gaming industry you sadly won’t be flying out to LA for E3, but worry not Xtreme Gaming has got you covered! On the conference days of…

    Tue 26th May 2015 - 1:32pmRead More